standard-title Café & Bar in Ávila

Café & Bar in Ávila

Our café & bar has several separate spaces. They are comfortable and modern and allow you to enjoy the tapas of Ávila.

We also serve:

    • Exquisite breakfasts
    • A wide variety of coffee, prepared with top quality Illy coffees and teas
    • Wines and spirits
    • Tasty snacks: milkshakes, cakes, etc.

One of the spaces unites the modernity of large windows overlooking the courtyard with original 16th century columns.

Another space, “la salita,” is reminiscent of guest rooms in noble homes and has been adapted to modern comforts and decoration

We have two courtyards for our guests to enjoy our products with a bit of fresh air, the comfort of being covered in case of rain and where smoking is permitted

+ Our wine cellar…

The wine cellar at el Encanto is a space that has been maintained over time: the walls and brick arches silently tell five centuries’ worth of history . It’s equipped for café, cocktail and wine service. It’s a perfect space for having nice drink, holding courses, wine tastings and other events… In this space there is also a bookcrossing where guests can exchange books and rent guide books. For more information please contact the reception desk

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We look forward to seeing you there…

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Every Sunday we have brunch